Proposed anti-terror measures threaten civil liberties in Britain

Proposed anti-terror measures threaten civil liberties in Britain

The Islamic Forum Europe (IFE) has received Prime Minister Tony Blair?s proposed raft of anti-terror measures with grave concern and reservations. While it is recognised that tackling the scourge of terrorism is paramount, measures which attack fundamental human rights and jeopardise the national unity of the UK is not the right course of action.

Musleh Faradhi, president of IFE said ?if these proposed measures are allowed to see the light of day, they will increase tensions and alienate communities, the measures are counterproductive and will encourage more radicalisation; many Muslims will perceive our Prime Minister as playing into the hands of the terrorists.?

Commenting on the Prime Minister?s plans to deport foreign nationals and proscribe the Muslim political party, Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami (HT), Mr Faradhi said ?in a democracy people are tried and prosecuted through the due processes of the law, not exported to other countries, particularly those which torture there own people. In a democracy legitimate political dissent is allowed, non-violent groups are tolerated. HT in the UK, to my knowledge, is a non-violent political group and proscribing it will be counterproductive; it will give a green light to despotic leaders in the Muslim world to silence political dissenters.?

?For many Muslims on the ground these measures will be seen as an attempt to severe the Islamic concept of Ummah ? the global Muslim community. Ordinary Muslims also fear that these measures will restrict their right to support the oppressed peoples of the world.?


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