Daily Mail’s Littlejohn incites religious hatred towards Muslims

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Tuesday 18 February, 2014

Daily Mail’s Littlejohn incites religious hatred towards Muslims

Richard Littlejohn mocked Muslims and the Islamic faith in an article he wrote for the Daily Mail, published on Tuesday 18th February. Titled, ‘Jolly Jihadi Boy's Outing to Legoland’, the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) strongly denounces the article for its vitriolic, hate-filled stereotyping of Muslims as extremists and terrorists. The article incites hatred towards Muslims, and is highly offensive. An extract of the article* refers to Littlejohn’s imagined account of what will take place with Muslim children on a trip to the Legoland theme park in Windsor:

"4.30pm - All girls to report to the Kingdom of the Pharaohs for full FGM inspection. All boys to report to the Al-Aqsa recruiting tent outside the Land of the Vikings for onward transportation to Syria".

It is irresponsible of Daily Mail to publish such baseless and vulgar article which clearly seeks to insult and provoke Muslims, especially at a time when mosques are being bombed and burnt to the ground as well the recent terrorist murder of an elderly Muslim man. Littlejohn’s article peddles Islamophobia and has been rightly condemned by Peter Oborne, chief political commentator of the Telegraph, as a “revolting piece of Islamophobic bigotry.”

IFE encourages all decent people to stand up to this type of bigotry and hatred by writing to the head of the Daily Mail and the PCC Paul Dacre (paul.dacre@dailymail.co.uk), asking for the immediate removal of the article and an apology issued by the author.


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