Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) is a community organisation that seeks social and spiritual renewal.

Through the values enshrined in the Islamic faith, members of IFE are obliged to be full and active participants in society, benefiting all people. IFE has branches throughout the UK and has affiliates in Western Europe. Its youth wing is called the Young Muslim Organisation UK (YMO UK), with branches across Britain. Its women's wing is Muslimaat UK.

With origins in the 1970s, IFE brings together Muslims of all backgrounds who have made Europe their home. As a collective, IFE facilitates an enlightened appreciation of Islam that is relevant to the context and realities of our time. We undertake social activities - from schools and youth clubs to community engagement and women's empowerment projects, spiritual development - from prayer to retreats.

Outreach & Awareness
Islam obligates Muslims to share and discuss their faith with those around them, as directed by the Qur'an: "Invite people to the way of your Lord, with wisdom and beautiful speech". [Qur'an,16:125].

This principle, known as Da'wa, requires Muslims to undertake dialogue and discourse about our faith in a manner that resonates with the people around us.
Collective Community Endeavour
From the Islamic principle of Jama'a, we believe we can strive better for spiritual and social renewal if we work together. The Qur'an instructs Muslims to 'Hold fast all together by the Rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves'. [Qur'an, 3:102]

IFE acts to create strong social bonds and a vibrant support network to help one another.
Renewal Through Education
IFE believes renewal is an open-ended process. We seek to improve ourselves socially and spiritually by discovering our faith and the world around us through the pursuit of knowledge and the refinement of character. Prophet Muhammad said: "Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim". Known as Tarbiyya (education) and Tazkiyya (purification), IFE hosts a range of programmes suited to individual needs. From regular workshops to large conferences and retreats, we offer a comprehensive programme to help members in their self-development.
Seeking Fairness & Goodness for All
IFE supports all causes to promote social justice and fairness in the world. Whether it is justice for Palestinians, eradicating poverty in Africa or combating racism in Europe, members of IFE are inspired by the Islamic principle of 'Adl to join others in seeking to redress injustices and explore solutions to the common problems we share.

"Verily, Allah enjoins al-'Adl (justice) and al-Ihsan (doing good)". [Qur'an, 16:90]
Aspiring to be Good
Derived from the Qur'anic principle of Birr (piety and righteousness), all members of IFE are encouraged to interact with all people - regardless of creed, colour or background - with humility and co-operation.

Whilst we are confident in our beliefs, we must nevertheless deal with others to build bridges and promote harmony.

The Qur'an instructs: "Help one another in birr (piety) taqwa (faith), and do not help one another in ithm (sin) and 'udwan (transgression)". [Qur'an, 5:2]


Since it inception, IFE has initiated several innovative projects and activities that encourage social and spiritual renewal. In the UK alone, IFE has been at the forefront of Muslim civil society, building mosques, establishing schools and community centres and creating a new generation of leaders dedicated to serving the community.
Education & Training
  • Devising formal and informal curriculums of Islamic sciences that are relevant to the context and realities of our age
  • Delivering classes, workshops, seminars and public events facilitated by experts in their own fields - e.g. Imam and leadership training
  • Providing a support network for spiritual development
  • Project management and leadership development
    Da'wa & Media
  • Hosting Islam awareness projects for local communities
  • Producing clear and friendly audio-visual resources on Islam through our specialist units, MP Media, Muslim Community Radio and Media & Research Unit
  • Organising exhibitions, symposia, Mosque open days and interfaith events
  • Equip a new generation of articulate leadership enabling them to interact with various agencies including the media
  • Host grassroots inter-Muslim discussions through public events, magazines and community radios (mcrlive.net)
  • Resourceful website (islamicforumeurope.com) IFE members are encouraged to be social and civic entrepreneurs, harnessing their faith, their skills and their energy to create positive change. Individuals who join IFE are offered the opportunity to choose an area of work in which they can contribute to and benefit from. Areas of work range from working with professionals, students, community work, education, Islam Awareness, to Mosques and charities, sports and recreation and media. These form part of IFE's core work, they are enhanced by the unique contributions made by IFE members.

    In addition to its core work, IFE is made up of constituent groups geared to cater for different people from all walks of life.
    IFE is committed in its desire to create balanced, dynamic and resourceful youth who are a source of pride for their families and community. The Junior Muslim Circle reflects IFE's priority towards our young. JMC provides a safe space where young people attain an enlightened appreciation of Islam through a range of educational, social and recreational activities. JMC with its motto 'Learning Through Fun' has seen successive groups of 8-14 year old boys and girls participating in weekly activity sessions, 'Nights at the Masjid' events, residentials and day trips as well as JMC parents' day activities.
    Being one of the oldest Muslim youth organisations in the UK, Young Muslim Organisation UK (YMO) has been at the forefront of innovative and community-led activities amongst young Muslims. YMO has cultivated countless number of young people to realise their potential and contribute positively and constructively to the society.

    From its birth in 1978, YMO has been providing regular activities such as Islamic knowledge circles, study support and mentoring, work with schools and colleges, social and educational retreats, outbound trips as well as major conferences and sports events.


    Islamic Forum of Europe is open to all, with an elected leadership. All members benefit from becoming part of a vibrant social and support network that is committed to social and spiritual renewal. We believe that every Muslim, male or female, young or old, can make a meaningful contribution to our work.

    If you would like to become a part of this movement or wish to find out more please get in touch with us today.


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